What You Need to Know about Sildenafil

With no doubt, Viagra or  the blue pill is familiar to any male of any nationality, aged from 18 to 85. And the matter is not that the problem of men’s impotence became a huge disaster in the modern society. The truth is that Viagra​ became the revolutionary invention, helping to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction in millions of male patients all over the World, having brought the Nobel Prize to its inventors and about one billion dollars in revenues to Pfizer, a Viagra®​ manufacturing company, in the first year of release.

History of Discovery

The first clinical studies of sildenafil citrate, an active ingredient in the blockbuster, started in the year 1992 in Sandwich town (Great Britain) by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company’s professionals, who believed that the recently synthesized drug could become a real breakthrough in heart disease treatment. Sildenafil citrate was meant to improve the blood flow to the heart muscle and lower the blood pressure.

Unfortunately for pharmacists (and fortunately for the sterner sex representatives) that sildenafil citrate’s effect was not a success, because it hadn’t influenced the blood flow to the heart muscle the way it was intended to. But it had greatly influenced the blood flow to the pelvic organs instead. To be more precise, it provided the blood flow improvement to the male genitalia in all the patients, who had participated in the clinical studies. Their stone-like erection became the living proof to this unexpected side effect of the newly synthesized medicine.

Then the clinical studies were brought into another direction. Since 1993 the newly discovered sildenafil’s effect on the human body was researched on the group of about 3 000 male patients aged from 19 to 87. It took 5 years for Pfizer’s pharmacists to prove the high efficiency of the medicine in men’s impotence (or erectile dysfunction) treatment and its health safety as well.


The luck turned to the Pfizer’s scientists on March, 27 1998, when the U.S. Department of Food and Drug Administration gave its approval for the sildenafil citrate as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It was introduced into the pharmaceutical market under the trade name VIAGRA®​, that comes from the English “vigor”, meaning “power” or “energy”.

How you call a boat so it will float”, they say in English-speaking countries, and it also turned to be true.

Success on the Market

During the first week on the market 247 000 patients were prescribed to Viagra and used it. 50 000 more got prescription one week after. Up to nowadays for more than 35 million of male patients all over the World sildenafil is still the symbol and the promise for the real men’s health and sexual power. All of them should thank at least three genii, Robert Francis Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad. These guys made a healthy, happy and full sex life of an average American true.

Sometimes big fail turns into big success.