VIAGRA® (sildenafil citrate) Tablets

What is Viagra?

Sildenafil citrate (VIAGRA®) is a prescription drug approved for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) in males. Sildenafil belongs to the class of drugs called PDE-5 Inhibitors.

ED is a condition during which a penis does not get enough rigidness, or erection does not last long enough for a satisfying sexual intercourse to happen. Problems with erection that persist at least 6 months are a clear symptom of ED.

Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in VIAGRA, makes blood vessels in the penis relax. This improves blood flow to the penis when a male become sexually aroused. With relaxed vessels, it is easier for the penis to get an erection.

How to take it?

Using sildenafil, you may only get an erection if you are sexually excited.

Viagra is taken as needed, no oftener than a single tablet per 24 hours.

Take a single pill 30-60 minutes before the planned sex, with or without water, on a full or an empty stomach (but avoid eating fat meals since it may decrease the effectiveness).

Do not take more than 5 units of alcohol (for example, five glasses of wine) when using Viagra.

What Do Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) Tablets Look Like?

Viagra tablets are blue and diamond-shaped with rounded edges. Each 100 mg tablet is imprinted with ‘PFIZER’ on one side and ‘VGR 100’ (or VGR 50 and VGR 25 for 50 and 25 mg pills, accordingly), on the other. The tablets are available in packs of 2, 4, 8 or 12 tablets.

Who should you not use Viagra?

Do not take these pills if you are using medicines that contain nitrates or secrete nitric oxide, such as amyl nitrate. These drugs are often prescribed for angina pectoris (chest pain). Sildenafil can increase the effects of these drugs considerably. Tell your doctor if you are using nitrate medicine. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure about whether your medicines interact with sildenafil.

Do not take sildenafil, if you have severe kidney, liver or heart problems. When you are unsure whether to take Viagra or not, please consult your doctor.