Impotence Treatment and Popular Sildenafil Citrate Australia Drug

From all erectile dysfunctions are by far the one that most men worried. This is because men seem to connect much more significance to sex than women do and almost no any person can think about a good and long-lasting connection without good sexual intercourse. In addition, even though the most common viewpoint is that erectile dysfunction affects only older men, this is not always the case; even men young than 40, who lead their life completely normal, healthier, and satisfying l, can get affected as well. The causes are different in each situation, but are usually separated into physical or emotional; while the former have to checked by a health expert or physician, the latter may cause to short-term male impotence, which can go away on its own eventually.

If you are suffering from erectile issues, do not believe right away that this is impotence; the short-term in order to get more durable can be due to the lack of stress, skill and depressive problems, past bad experiences, but if the issues continue to persist for a few months, then it is best to search for medical specialist advice. And if you have been clinically told they have erectile dysfunction, then you have quite a few therapies to choose from; of course, these cures can be therapy, penis pumps, penile injections, drug, or even surgery treatment. Some of these choices are obsolete, while others are still used nowadays and very effective; and even though each treatment has its benefits and drawbacks, the synthetic drug seems to be the best choice by most physicians and patients.

The first oral erectile dysfunction drug ever accepted in the USA was sildenafil citrate, which was designed, released and marketed under business Sildenafil Citrate  by the drug massive Phizer. The release was in 1998 and nowadays close to 300 thousand tablets are traded each year; the tremendous success of the drug came after years of research and huge amount of money invested on marketing, but the great sales numbers inspired other manufacturing companies to produce similar synthetic products too. Nowadays, two erectile dysfunction tablets are available; Sildenafil Citrate Australia still keeps 50% of the market.

The sildenafil citrate 100mg tablets are the most powerful amount marketed, but small size tablets of 25mg and 50mg are also available in the market of Australia. Sildenafil Citrate Australia is an oral drug, which should be taken with a cup of water and no more than one tablet should be taken per 24 hours.

How secure is sildenafil citrate?

It should be observed that Viagra comes either as Sildenafil Citrate Australia, or what is known as General Sildenafil Citrate – the general tablets have the same components as the trade-name tablet, but are created by different companies in Australia different from Phizer. If the tablet has the same component, sildenafil citrate, it will work just as well as the brand-name drug and be similarly efficient. The only difference is that due to the low cost of and less initial costs, the general drug are a much less expensive option. Scientific tests have shown that Sildenafil Citrate Australia is extremely secure.  Actually, the patients that took sugar pill had just as many problems as the patients getting Sildenafil Citrate Australia; even though these test results were quite appealing, the possible adverse reactions should not be ignored – in unusual cases, they can cause problems, so if any pain has been experienced while getting tablets, immediate visit to the physician is in order.

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